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8/21/15 Non Refundable Custom Knife Sheath for Ken Itzo of San Antonio TX

Ken,I just wanted to let you know your knife came today and I have added the LH Forward Slant knife sheath on the order. Mr. Itzo,

You asked for a left forward slant knife sheath. I have a copy of your note that you included with your knives. We will make you a right forward slant like what is pictured for the cost of 75.00. The only way we refund on custom knife sheaths is when it is our mistake and in this case it is not. You asked for  a left forward slant and that is what we built you. Please let me know what you want to do. 


I would like you to make it right at no additional cost.  Mr. Itzo,I have to charge your for the new knife sheath. We will not accept the Left Slant you ordered back. There is no refund on it. So either you pay for the new one or I will ship both of your knife sheaths back to you. You can try to sell the fixed blade you ordered wrong on the internet. If you want the new knife sheath then send us a check or money order for 81.19 for the new sheath and tax. I will pay the shipping for you. We will not make you a new knife sheath for free. The sheath was made to your specifications so it wasn't our mess up.Ship them back......and expect some bad reviews. 

Dedication to Quality

Having heard about your reputation before I ordered, my expectations of your quality was probably unfairly too high. Well, your quality materials and single minded quality craftsmanship were well beyond my already unrealistic expectations... Thank you David (another triple exclamation)
My son will be receiving the dual carry holster tonight and with a doubt, will overwhelmed. As a side note, I tried JD's new lined holster with my Glock and was all but shocked at the difference it makes withdrawing the weapon. I can't imagine ever ordering a new holster without this option.Your dedication to quality needs to be held in the highest regard, especially in todays 'slap it together and let the buyer deal with it' world. Thank You. ~ Dennis Q



I have two Bodyguard holsters, one for my LC9 and one for my LCP. I also have a Bandit for my SR9c, and a mag pouch for it too. I have a mag pouch for my LC9 and a Cowboy Wallet on order. Obviously, I like your leather work. In fact, I think your workmanship is not surpassed in the field. All of my holsters and mag pouch are obviously made with care and quality in mind. More importantly, they function exactly like they should and the materials and craftsmanship in each guarantees that they will outlast me and still be functional and beautiful to boot. I stick with a craftsman that is at the top of his art, and that means I will be looking to your holsters and other leather goods first when I need something new. I appreciate your and your organization's integrity, honest and awesome craftsmanship. I moderate a gun forum and I always recommend your products when one of our members asks for recommendations. ~ Michael S

Looks great. Performs even better.

I just received my Dual Carry Holster for a 1911 commander.  The fit and finish is spectacular.  This is my second Dual Carry from you.  I purchased the first three years ago and after using it to carry just about every day it still looks great and performs even better.  I have worn this holster on duty and off for 12 hour shifts and longer and it is the most comfortable I have found.  I have been in foot chases and fights while wearing your holster and my weapon never moved.  I originally ordered your holster to use while I waited six months or so for a very famous holster maker to finish my order.  By the time that holster came in I was so satisfied with the Dual Carry that I just sold the other to a friend.

Praise for the Dual Carry.

The Dual Carry is comfortable, fast to draw from and conceals well with just a T-shirt  I have needed to carry a weapon daily for the last 15 years and have owned some of the top named holsters.  My holster needs to be comfortable and secure sitting in a car, at a desk, walking, running and even occasionally fighting.  The Dual Carry does it all with class.I have two of your holsters, one of your belts and a mag carrier.  I couldn't be happier with your products and will be ordering another Dual Carry for the 3.5 inch officers 1911 that is being customized as we speak. Thanks for a great holster that really performs.  ~ Stephen T

I just wanted to thank you for the great holster you sent me recently. I had a really hard time trying to not obsess about my holster while awaiting its arrival. Your dual carry is a great holster that really shows off your craftsmanship and professionalism. I just wanted to commend you for such a great product and I hope to do business with you again in the near future. Thank you again, Sir. Sincerely, Logan I

Absolutely beautiful.

I ordered a holster from you on January 28.  This is my first email to you since I placed the order.  I understand that you need to spend your time making holsters - not answering email. Today I received my order.  I want you to know that I think the holster is absolutely beautiful!  Color, stitching, lining, fish scale hand tooling - all are a tribute to you and your pursuit of excellence in the artistry that you bring to the holsters you create. And the fit for my sub-compact PX4 Storm is perfect.  I could not be happier.  It is wonderful to find a person who is focused on quality and customer satisfaction in building their business.  I wish there were many more like you. No need to respond to this email.  I just want to know that what you do is greatly appreciated.  I am sure you have received many, many, emails that have expressed sentiments similar to mine.  Thank you so much. ~ Greg H

A world class product.
I received my holster and mag holder last week for my Walther and wanted to write and say "THANK YOU" for another beautiful piece of molded and stitched leather work! I am very impressed with the quality leather, form, shape, color and attention to detail you provide and feel lucky to have found you. Thanks again for making a world class product. It is much appreciated and will be used often. Thank you ~ Alex K

A perfect fit.

Dear Mr. Bullard - I recently received the Undercover holster for my Bond Texas Defender that I ordered in January. The holster is a perfect fit for the gun. I must tell you this is the finest leatherwork that I have ever seen. It was well worth the wait! Best Regards, AJ  G.

Conceals easily.

I recently purchased one of your holsters from you through eBay and now that I've received the holster I simply had to tell you how impressed I am. The holster fits perfectly and conceals easily. I look forward to purchasing more of your products in the future and I will also be recommending your leather to all of my friends an associates. Thank You Andreas S

Fits like a glove.

Just received my Colt SAA Combat holster. This is the best made holster I've ever seen, and it fits this gun like a glove. I'm pretty hard to impress, but you make a great product. No wonder you're so busy. I'll definitely be ordering more products. Thank you from a very satisfied customer in Arkansas! Barton E

Well worth the wait.

I usually don't write after a product has been delivered.  But, in your case I must complement you on the quality of this holster that has far surpassed my expetations.  In closing the wait was well worth it. Sincerely yours, Bob W


Well worth the wait Many Thanks Jack V

Beautiful workmanship

Holster received... beautiful workmanship! Thanks again. TF

Allows for a very fast draw

I just received your LH cross draw holster (No. 3415) for my S&W J frame. It is a beautiful holster, fits me and my J frame perfectly, and allows for a very fast draw.  Paul C

Absolutely excellent.

I received the holster today.  It is absolutely excellent.  Thank you for your workmanship and care.  I will  gladly recommend your work to those that are like minded about conceal and carry  Take Care  rdavis

Comfortable and solid.

I just received my Dual Carry for my Springfield XDm today. The wait was well worth it.  I am amazed at the level of quality and detail that is seen and felt in this holster.  It fits my XDm like a glove. I am currently wearing it around the house to get used to it, but I am surprised at how comfortable it is to wear right away. Solid, but not so much that it's uncomfortable. Great product you have going here. I will be purchasing from you again in the future. Thanks, Tim.


I received the two holsters you made for my Ruger SP101. (1) Left Hand - Tuckable IWB Holster (2) Right Hand - Bodyguard They are GREAT!  Mark M

I received my mag holder today. Fits great. Comfortable. Looks good.
Thanks for the prompt service.
Barney T

Keep up the good work.

I just received. my IWB for the Glock 26. The holster, workmanship and price are excellent. This is my second holster from your company. You have DeSanatis,Galco etc. beat by a mile. From now on my only holster will be from D.M Bullard. I will also tell me my friends about your company. Keep up the good work.  Tony A


I received my holster and mag pouch, and all I can say is WOW!! I love the holster, especially the way it sits on my body, its like its not even there sometimes. I realy enjoy wearing my pistol now due to the comforts of this holster!  Craig I

Holster arrived the other day and I can't tell you how pleased I am with the look and quality of your work .I found it to be quite comfortable right out of the box, I can only imagine that it will become even  more so after time. You can rest assured that I'll look to you first for any of my needs in the future and will be letting others know about the fine products you create.  Greg B

I got my holster Sunday when I got home!  My gun and clip fit great!!  It's exactly what I was looking for!!  My brand came out great!  It's really comfy to wear as well!!  Thank you very much!!  Jason M

I received the holster today...Worth the wait I would say.  My expectations were high and your work is excellent.  Thx Brent

Looks great...now all I have to do is get it broken in!! Thank you. Rocky.

I received my P3AT wallet holster today and I want to say how impressed I am with the quick service. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the product!  You produce a high quality product and sell it for a competitive price. A rare thing these days. I’ll be submitting another order soon for a holster to fit my Glock 23.  Thanks again, Rick W

Got my order recently and have been enjoying it. The Ostrich holster with my p238 in Black Nitron with Ivory grips is something to see. I continue
to be impressed by your workmanship and quality. Keep up the good work.
Haward B

I wanted to complement you on the absolute perfect quality of your workmanship.  I received my P238 Bandit holster on Friday, and I have never seen such high quality workmanship in any product that I have bought during the last several years as I see in your holster. I am ex-law enforcement, and your fit and finish are absolutely perfect. Please let me know if you ever need a reference, and please also let me know if there is any place that you would like me to post my complements for your very fine workmanship and customer service. Thanks again!  Brian G

I just wanted you to know I received my dual carry today for my xd and I am more than satisified with it. I am giddy about trying it out. It looks like it will be very comfortable and the holster is very well made.  Thanks Deric C

I got the Kahr PM40 holster and I live it, you do great work! Larry D

Received both holsters. Beautiful work. Thanks Again  Scott G


Received my order today of the mag pouches for my Glock & 1911. Wanted to let you know how great they look. Thank you for your attention to the details and excellent work.  Carl L





I received my order today. As always the workmanship and quality are top notch. Thank you for building an exceptional product. I will continue to look to you for my leather needs. Curt E.

 I received the PWC and magazine holder…Nice work and quick delivery…I sincerely appreciate it.  Thanks again for your fine, fine work. Joe S

Got holster yesterday. Great looking and wearing holster. Thanks Eric R

 I have received the holster and love, the master craftsmanship that went in to this is item is very evident, thank you  Nick S

Do you mind if i mention the excellent quality of the Mag pouches on the 1911forum? All the best Carl

Got the holster today--earlier than promised--thank you! It is a nice piece of work, and I can't wait to really try it out. Thanks for a great experience. I will be ordering from you if I need anything else.  John A

 The quality of these holsters is much better than I had expected. Fit and finish is excellent, and every part of the holsters seems to be first quality. As a retired police officer who carries on a daily basis, I am so happy to have found you on the internet. You can look forward to more orders from me for some of my other handguns. Thanks again for a quality product at a reasonable price.  Alan A




By the way, you have a wonderful line of leather. I think you're making some of the most beautiful classic leather goods on the market today and at very good prices. Regards Scott M

I got my holster in the mail this morning and so far I love it.  I haven't tried the belt loops or the tuckable feature, but the work is beautiful and looks to be very well done.  Brandon D

Absolutely beautiful! It is nearly as impressive and valuable to me as the gun it holds.  Once again, thank you very much. Brian P
I recieved my cross draw for my Rohrbaugh today. The workmanship and fit is outstanding! I own several holsters from "premier" makers, one of them has a 2 1/2 year backlog. Your holster is as well made as I have seen. Congratulations!  Mort M

Very happy with the product. Will be very proud to show it to everyone I know who owns an LCP. Thank you for a quality product. Thanks again.  Duane S

 I thought you would like to know... I received my holster and mag holder today. Perfect fit and beautiful. Great workmanship!!Thanks,John S

I received the holster today. Thank you very much. It is very handsome and the Detective Special fits perfectly. Very nice craftsmanship and well worth waiting for. Regards, Mike S
Received my Bandit today for my PX4-45. Fit and finish is perfect.
Put it on right out of the box and worked in the yard all day. Extremely comfortable. Great product. When I need another I'll order from Bullard.  Stephen M

The holster and slide are superb! Much nicer than some others I have. (I'll be ordering from you from now on!) Thanks Oliver W

Wanted to send you an update on my holster you made me a left hand small of the back Texas Concealed holster for my XD 40.The quality was great and the holster looked awesome.I have a back disability so was not sure how comfortable the holster would be behind my back  but decided to try it this holster is almost not noticeable even with the extended mag in the mag holder. I can even wear it while driving; it is easily hidden under a t-shirt. Being left handed I can also remove the holster while driving and place it in the door pocket of both my cars the clip holds it securely in place. The draw of the holster is awesome very smooth, We tested someone trying to take the weapon from behind in the holster and it proved to be difficult for them to remove the weapon, we also tested the holster running and my weapon stayed securely in the TCC holster. This is by far the best holster I have ever purchased and for my XD this will be the last. When I buy my next CC weapon I will be ordering another Holster from David Bullard Leather MFG  Much Respect  Rick


I recently received my order of one "ranger" belt and one IWB holster.  I am certainly glad I discovered your web site.  This has to be the highest, and best quality I have ever seen in a belt and holster.  To say I'm overwhelmed by the quality would be an understatement.  My compliments to you for your excellent workmanship.  It is quite apparent you take great pride in your products.   THANK YOU  James M

Just received wallet holster for my Kahr 380. Excellent, this is my third holster from D.M. Bullard. Keep up the good work Tony A.

Just got my order. Beautiful workmanship. Well worth the wait. Thank You Jason

I really love this holster. Never sure what you are going to get when ordering leather from someone for the first time. I find the holster to be an incredible value. I'll be back for more.  Best Regards, Bruce F

I just received my holster today. You far exceeded my expectations! Thank you for not only a comfortable holster , but one that looks as good as this one does. It almost seems a shame to wear it on the inside of my waist band and not show it off. Thank you again for all of your work! S.Tomberlin

Just a note to thank you and comment on your products. I spent a couple of decades working on the US-Mexican border as a Border Patrol Agent. Being there afforded me the opportunity to have custom made leather boots, saddles, tack and lots of gun leather. The days and nights of carrying my old N frame Smith, loops, speed loaders, handcuffs, knives, flashlight, lots of  gate keys and a big old radio was interesting at best. Those times are gone, but I want to thank you for making it a pleasure to carry my .45 in comfort with your holsters and belts. Your workmanship, quality of leather and fit/comfort are unsurpassed. I look forward to seeing your next "work of art" arriving in the mail. Thanks again and only the best to you and your family. Semper Fi,Mike

I recieved my new holster and mag holders today, I just wanted to say Thank You and they are Fantastic as always! Great workmanship and Qaulity. Keep up the Great work,Mike B
I wanted to let you know i recieved My holster. Wow is this thing nice. The fit and retention are perfect, and your craftsmanship is outstanding. I'm going to order another one from you that I can use for cross draw. I'll send you an order sometime this week. 
 Thanks, John F
It's easy to tell that you are a true craftsman. When my order arrived and I opened the box I was truly impressed with the quality and care that had gone into the making of these holsters. Yours is definitely a labor of love. A rare thing to find today. Thank you for a superior product. Jim Alkire
The custom holster for my S&W 629 (3” barrel) arrived today.   Thank You for such a beautiful holster.   The 3” 629 fits the holster like a glove.  Thanks Mike M
Just got the holster today and, wow, it was worth the wait. This is exactly what I was looking for but couldn't find.  Thanks!   Mike

Well I just got my order in today, # 4183, a BodyGuard holster with basket weave and mag holder.  Wow, the work is fantastic!!  I'm really impressed with the holster and it's one that I will wear and display with pride.I also wanted to say thanks for adding the basket weave to my mag holder.  The matching weave is really awesome.  This is my third order from you and I must say that today's order is my favorite.  Although, now you've got me really looking forward to the day my next order arrives. Can't wait.  Thanks again for the outstanding craftmanship and another great piece of work! Sincerely, Greg H

Got the holster and belt today, and couldnt be happier. Beautiful work, and it feels great on. I will point everyone I know looking for custom leather in your direction.  Best Regards, Brad M

Looks great, worth the wait...got it on my belt at this moment!  Thanks,  Ralph

I met you years ago at a gun show in Ft. Worth where I purchased my first holster. I now have one of your belts and this is my fifth holster purchase. Your craftsmanship is simply superb. I always recommend you to my friends when they need a holster. Thanks for a very well made product, sincerely Fred M

Beautiful workmanship.
I love the fact that you are selling such a 'craft' product. Best of luck! ~Spaulding H

Fit and finish are perfect.
"IWB" w/belt loop for Bond Arms. Fit and finish are perfect, I could not be happier. Thank you for your fine work. Bob P

Exactly what I had hoped for.

Mr. Bullard, I just received my 2 holsters. Not only do I have no complaints, but the holsters are exactly what I had hoped for. Thank you for your attention to detail. It’s difficult to buy over the internet these days and have the quality show up as advertised and shipped within the promised delivery time. Stan G

Quality product.

Good value. Excellent design, particularly the enclosed muzzle. Thank you! Stan S

A cut above

In the 1980s I built extremely high end custom guns on HK, SIG, Walther, 1911, and other formats. These guns sold for over $1000 in 1980-1986. I did the centerfold gun for the American Handgunner in Jan/Feb 1984.I used Tauris and Roy Baker exclusively. They were the best available. I knew Roy well and Mike incorporated many tips from being with the Utica PD for years. Enough for history... Your workmanship is a cut above anything I have ever seen in 30+ years as a pistolsmith, LEO and CCW owner. Skins are perfect, stitching 100%, but the most notable part is your pattern design. Stress on the gun is minimal, boning is precise but not scarring. Finishing is the best I have ever seen. You have no peer...Period  Geoff Davis


Fit and finish are excellent, can't wait to wear it tomorrow. Thanks for the beautiful holster and mag holders. Kevin S

Superb quality, fine finish, attention to detail.

Today I was very pleased when I opened the box containing the holsters for my Sig P238 and an extra magazine.  I have been buying firearms and related accessories for more than 50 years.  Yet it has been decades since I found the superb quality, fine finish, and attention to detail in your lovely holsters.  Kudos!  Although I already own three other holsters for this Sig pistol I doubt they will receive much use after today. Best Regards Bruce R



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